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The Awesome Power of Your Mind !
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Winning basketball, or winning anything in life, depends on how you believe! That's right. If you believe you can, you do it. If you believe you won't, you won't. You have the power within to control your destiny. You can make yourself a champion! It's up to YOU!

basketball mystic

Guru, : "I believe I can"

The reason you have so much power over yourself is your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND! Your beliefs control your subconscious. Your subconscious believes anything you tell it. You can manipulate your subconscious with your AFFIRMATIONS! You begin to program yourself to be a WINNER! You create your own REALITY. When you can believe you are the winner, you ARE THE WINNER!

Yet, you have a very critical left brain. The left brain continues to criticize and analyze. Your left brain says, "You're no winner. You're a loser!" You have to read and reread you affirmations to overcome the critical left brain. The left brain will finally be still. Then, your subconscious makes your affirmations the reality.


Each year, Jim visits teams across the USA.

His tools and training enriches the minds and spirits of both athletes & coaches.

Professional, collegiate and high school.

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You can bypass your critical left brain by invoking your creative right brain. The right brain, unlike the left brain, is completely accepting, creative, imaginative, spontaneous, holistic, and visual. When you relax yourself and dream, you are in the right brain. Therefore, put yourself in a relaxed state. Then, imagine each of your goals being achieved. Always focus on the positive. "When you can IMAGINE it, you can ACHIEVE it!"

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